ISOTTA FRASCHINI 8A Landaulet Imperiale Castagna Trasformabile

The automaker Isotta Fraschini was born in 1900, the first specimens in 1902, founded by Cesare Isotta and Vincenzo Fraschini by three brothers Antonio Oreste. Another very important man was Count Ludovico Mazzotti insists that with his arrival ‘ to build a car of very high-end , so the Type 8 was born in 1919 , was the first to adopt an 8-cylinder car built in series! Now it had become the most desired cars in the world, Luxury , Majestic , Expensive (almost 5Rolls Royce ) , many personalities were honored to have held such a gem. The Beloved and famous actor Rodolfo Valentino he ordered ‘ two copies, in 1927, Benito Mussolini purchase ‘ a person , and the Ministry of the Interior bought two more for the Duce .. It was purchased by the Princes, Kings, Popes , from powerful Sheikhs of the earth , Maharajah , Sultans , everyone wanted to possess her , none was the same, hand-made , finishes , colors , features , and accessories ! The Isotta Fraschini , produced the chassis and all the mechanics , then each individual customer , based on your specific requests , and especially because he wanted to spend, chose the body shop and the level of finishes. At their disposal were prized wood handles, silver or gold , ivory up umbrellas golden flowers at the door and even the walking stick with chimes, a Truss to travel lady with a lot of mirror and brush together with the hair comb mustache for him! On this car you could have all the comforts and accessories imaginable including rear trunk port Champagne … The car is available from us and ‘ represented in these photos , it’s one of the few models built from the famous body Castagna of Milan ( about 22 specimens ) , the Isotta Fraschini 8A Laundalet Imperial Convertible in 5 positions , sold in the U.S. in 1929 , was ordered by U.S. tycoon tobacco (Lucky Strike ) . Arrived in Italy in 1988 was the subject of a scrupulous Manic Very expensive and Restoration of High level lasted 11 years , carried out by craftsmen / teachers at that time , after extensive studies , including research papers and books, but recovered thanks to the Original ( English ) Operation and Maintenance Manual, finally arriving ‘ at the end in 1999. the results were amazing , no one had ever seen anything like a true work of art on wheels, priceless painted in two-tone blue is fantastic night combined with beige / brown , a combination of elegance and simplicity , combined with luxurious interiors in beige cloth with special finishes of fine wood handles, light fixtures and accessories strictly in gold , among which the extraordinary vase accompanied by the umbrella from the sun for her and for him walking stick with built-in chime , this evokes a nostalgic feel aristocratic , quite exciting, impossible, indescribable to tell, athis is a story to live even for a single moment, a picture, a walk outdoors in the hills of Monte Carlo with the wind in your hair while people look you in disbelief , surely you will experience an ‘ unforgettable moment for you hardly erasable !  

Before the restoration

isotta-fraschini-librettoIsotta Fraschini 8Aisotta-fraschini-chassisisotta-fraschini-gear-boxisotta-fraschini-iniettoreisotta-fraschini-motoreIsotta Fraschini 8AIsotta Fraschini 8AIsotta Fraschini 8AIsotta Fraschini 8AIsotta Fraschini 8AIsotta Fraschini 8AIsotta Fraschini 8AIsotta Fraschini 8AIsotta Fraschini 8Aisotta-fraschini-restauroIsotta Fraschini 8Aisotta-fraschini-mrestauro.JPGisotta-fraschini-stemma.JPGisotta-fraschini-libretto.JPGisotta-fraschini-parti-motore.JPGisotta-fraschini-motoreisotta-fraschini-motore-originale.JPGisotta-fraschini-motore-restauro.JPGIsotta Fraschini 8Aisotta-fraschini-posto-guidaisotta-fraschini-restauro-strumentazioneisotta-fraschini-restauro-topisotta-fraschini-retroisotta-fraschini-tettoisotta-fraschini-topisotta-fraschini-restauro-fanaliisotta-fraschini-restauro-motore

After the restoration

Isotta-Fraschini-8A-MonacoIsotta Fraschini 8AIsotta Fraschini 8AIsotta Fraschini 8AIsotta-Fraschini-8A-Landaulet-MontecarloIsotta-Fraschini-8A-Landaulet-lateraleIsotta Fraschini 8AIsotta Fraschini 8AIsotta Fraschini 8AIsotta Fraschini 8AIsotta Fraschini 8AIsotta Fraschini 8AIsotta Fraschini 8AIsotta Fraschini 8AIsotta Fraschini 8AIsotta Fraschini 8AIsotta Fraschini 8AIsotta Fraschini 8AIsotta Fraschini 8AIsotta Fraschini 8AIsotta Fraschini 8AIsotta Fraschini 8AIsotta Fraschini 8AIsotta-Fraschini-8A-Landaulet-particolare-monacoIsotta Fraschini 8Afoto 5 (5)isottaf-31Isotta Fraschini 8AIsotta-Fraschini-8A-Landaulet-interniIsotta-Fraschini-8A-Landaulet-particolareIsotta-Fraschini-8A-LandauletIsotta-Fraschini-8A-LandauletIsotta-Fraschini-8A-LandauletIsotta-Fraschini-8A-LandauletIsotta-Fraschini-8A-LandauletIsotta-Fraschini-8A-LandauletIsotta-Fraschini-8A-LandauletIsotta-Fraschini-8A-LandauletIsotta-Fraschini-8A-LandauletIsotta-Fraschini-8A-LandauletIsotta-Fraschini-8A-LandauletIsotta-Fraschini-8A-LandauletIsotta-Fraschini-8A-LandauletIsotta-Fraschini-8A-LandauletIsotta-Fraschini-8A-Landaulet


Types of rental

Daily rental for 4 hours or MAX MAX distance of 50 KM. Our specialized staff EXCLUDED; Fuel, liability insurance and VAT.

ISOTTA FRASCHINI 8A Landaulet Imperiale Castagna Trasformabile

€ 15.000 – (Fifteen)

Mode of rental

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