Our company was founded on , PASSION, PASSION that sets us apart from everyone and everything, PASSION for detail, for the Exclusive, for something that had never been seen until now , for an object of other times, thanks to our commitment to years of research and driven by our common men ” PASSION ” we were able to rebuild and revive a myth as an Auto ; the most exclusive , the most powerful, the most luxurious , the most Expensive ( cost almost as 5 Rolls Royce) ever existed in the world , owned by the most powerful men of the earth, as princes, kings, Maharaja , Divi , Sheikhs , the Heads of State Actors, wealthy industrialists , Conti, Popes, Baroni , large land owners , this car was dreaming the whole world quickly becoming a symbol of Luxury and Elegance Made in Italy: the Isotta Fraschini , our sample is available model 8A Landaulet IMPERIAL CONVERTIBLE Convertible ” CHESTNUT ” of 1929, finished in pure gold (probably UNIQUE specimen still exists) . This rare model fully restored by skilled craftsmen who, thanks to research carried out , and the discovery of the only original libretto (in English) Operation and Maintenance (11 years of restoration ) were produced about 22 copies . This object HIGH COLLECTION , HARD, MISSING , virtually NON-EXISTENT , priceless. Many other exclusive cars will be at your disposal for an important event : Weddings , Weddings, Fashion Shows , Photo Book , Spot Advertising, Videos , Short Films , Movies, Anniversaries, Birthdays , Fairs, Parades …. It will be a unique and unforgettable event strong impact , of course , will not go unnoticed !